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School Curriculum

As part of the multimedia Down Home project, JHFNC has created  4th and 8th grade public school curriculum materials. These videos explore the issues of immigration, ethnic differences, tolerance and integration into the North Carolina populace. The 4th grade curriculum portrays this story through the lens of a North Carolina family who has made NC their home.  The 8th grade video expands upon the immigration theme describing the push and pull factors facing all immigrant groups while also describing Jewish cultural practices and beliefs.

Each grade has its own teachers guide which follows the goals and objectives of the NC Standard Course of Study, NC People and Culture Curriculum for social studies, math and information skills. Included are class readings, lesson plans, activities and further resources. The videos and teaching guides may be downloaded below.

4th Grade Teacher Guide (PDF)

4th Grade Video
Video; 13 minutes, color

8th Grade Teacher Guide (PDF)

8th Grade Video
Video; 26 minutes, color

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